Prof. Nishiyama

Current Research Projects

  • To clarify the independent regulatory mechanisms of tissue renin-angiotensin-
    aldosterone system (RAAS) and its contribution to pathophysiology of various diseases.
  • To clarify the pathophysiological mechanisms of life-style disease including hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, heart failure, cancer.
  • To identify the involvements of sympathetic nervous system s in the development of hypertension or cardiovascular and renal diseases.
  • To elucidate the regulatory mechanisms of systemic and renal hemodynamics.
  • To determine the role of cellular senescence in organ diseases.
  • To visualize what is going on in the kidney and other organs of live animals.
  • iPS cell projects.

Recent Publications

  • Human pluripotent stem cell-derived erythropoietin-producing cells ameliorate renal anemia in mice. Hitomi H,et al. Sci Transl. 9(409). pii: eaaj2300 (2017).
  • High salt intake reprioritizes osmolyte and energy metabolism for body fluid conservation.
    Kitada K, et al. J. Clin. Invest. 127, 1944-1959 (2017).
  • Reduction of tubular flow rate as a mechanism of oliguria in the early phase of endotoxemia revealed by intravital imaging.
    Nakano D, et al. J. Am. Soc. Nephrol. 26, 3035-3044 (2015).


Contact Information

E-mail: yakuri_m.png